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    Jet Brilliant is now recruiting captains type rated with GV450/550/L650.

    Jet Brilliant will offer captains great benefits:

    Annual bonus 12000USD/year

    International Medical Insurance and Accident Insurance.

    Type Rating



    Commuting Resident
    Contract Period 3 years
    Yearly Income 237600 USD
    Monthly Income 18800 USD
    Annual Leave 30days
    Sick Leave /
    Monthly Basic Salary 18800 USD
    Bonus Safety /
    Annual Bonus  $12000 USD/year
    Contract Completion Bonus /
    Loyalty Bonus /
    Allowance Housing /
    Transport /
    Travel /
    Education /
    Ticket Benefits /
    Insurance International Medical Insurance and Accident Insurance
    Per Diem(out station)  150USD/day
    Yearly Block Hours 360H
    base Beijing China
    Training Pay /
    Training length /

    1.Captain: Hold a valid ATPL 3500+ hours total time 500+ hours total PIC including 200+ hours PIC on type

    2.Required Type Ratings: Gulfstream650,Gulfstream 550/450 Legancy 650

    3.Current flight within recent 12 calendar months

    4.No older than 50

    5.ICAO level 4 or above

    6.Medical Class 1

    7.No history of incidents or accidents

    8.No criminal record

    9.Hold CAAC license and CAAC Medical is preferred


    2.Class 1 Medical Certificate



    5.Application Form


    Screenings are held in China, usually Monday‐Friday (5 Days) They consist of a written ATP test, medical exam, and company SIM evaluation.