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    China Mandarin Airlines founded in 2012 the main operating base for the Beijing capital international airport at present the company has managed two of the world's top luxury executive for the customer including 1 550 gulfstream a gulfstream 450; At the same time the company also has a gulfstream 280. Company business scope includes business aviation aircraft hosting business lease general aviation medical and rescue charter flight etc. has the highest level of a class in general aviation operations run ability.

    • Contract term:3 years

    • Working pattern:Resident with 75/60/45/30 days annual leave

    • Fleet:1 G4501 G550

    • Yearly income up to 214650USD/year

    • base:BeijingChina

    Type Rating GV450/550/G280 Captain
    Mandarin Air Resident
    Contract Period 3 years
    Yearly Income 187550 USD/1st year 
    189100 USD/2nd year 
    190650 USD/3rd year  
    193550 USD/1st year 
    195100 USD/2nd year 
    196650 USD/3rd year  
    205550 USD/1st year 
    207100 USD/2nd year 
    208650 USD/3rd year  
    211550 USD/1st year 
    213100 USD/2nd year 
    214650 USD/3rd year  
    Monthly Income
    15500 USD
    16000 USD 17000 USD 17500USD
    Annual Leave 45days+30days Elastic Vacation 30days+30days Elastic Vacation 45 days 30 days
    Sick Leave 3 days
    Monthly Basic Salary 14500 USD  15000 USD 16000 USD 16500USD
    Bonus Safety 10000 RMB≈1550USD/1st year  
    20000 RMB≈3100USD/2nd year 
    30000 RMB≈4650USD/3rd year
    Annual Bonus /
    Contract Completion Bonus  
    Loyalty Bonus /
    Allowance Housing 1000USD/M

    The company offer one BMW as pilot’s vehicle pilot should pay company5000 RMB(car insurance and maintenance fee covered by pilot) or pilot pay company 6000 RMB(car insurance and maintenance fee covered by the company)

    Travel /
    Education /
    Ticket Benefits 1
    Insurance /
    base Beijing China
    Training Pay /
    Training length /

    1.Hold a current and valid ATPL with a G-450 or G-550 type rating (no 

     limitations) issued by a country with diplomatic relations with the Peoples 

    Republic of China.

    2.Hold a valid medical certificate issued by an ICAO member state.

    3.No older than 53 years old

    4.Total flight time -  3500 hours (fixed wing) including Multi-Engine Jet-1500 hours  Time on GV type- 300 hours

    5.Hold a valid Passport

    6.No history of accidents or incidents.

    7.Each Pilot should be able to complete the assignment period and if possible should be available for extensions.

    8.Be able to hold an appropriate visa to the countries that Customer operates to.

    9.China Mandarin Airlines may change the above requirements

    Should you meet with the requirements pls send following docs to to start your application.

    1.Scan copy of Passport

    2.Class 1 Medical Certificate

    3.Valid ATPL with GV type rating

    4.Last 3 pages of Logbook(both sides)

    5.Last Proficiency Check Record

    Screening Schedule

    In the beginning or mid of each month most airlines will release their next month screening schedule, we’ll update here timely. Please choose your preferred date for assessment or inform us your available month in advance.

    Screening Items

    Basically the whole screening consists of 2 Phases:

    • Phase 1 (First Trip to China) – Medical check, Company interview, ATP written test, Company SIM Check

    • Phase 2 (Second Trip to China) – CAAC Licensing Checkride

    Screening Preparation

    Before coming to China, we suggest you to look through the information below on our website:

    How to prepare and pass the screening in Chinese airlines?

    1. Visa, Tickets, Hotel

      Our Recruitment Team will assist your visa application, tickets and hotel reservation when you pass qualification check. Tickets and Hotel expenses are covered by airlines. Normally you need to buy the ticket first and get refund from airlines after screening.

    2. Simulator Assessment

      We’ll send you the SIM checklist and relevant profiles when you pass qualification check.

    3. Medical check

      The medical problems that most fail pilots in China are as below. Before you come to China, please keep a light diet and better to have some simple check for your organ. Medical tips will be sent to you together with SIM profiles.

      • Kidney stone

      • High blood pressure

      • Arrhythmia of the heart

      • Fatty liver GPT ALT high

      • Glaucoma

      • Color blindness - cannot see the figures on the book under a fluorescent lamp

      • Obesity

    4. ATP Written Test

      This test is not difficult as long as you work hard on it. The passing line is 70 of 100, requires constant practice and considerable memorization. Test-oriented and practical ATP self-study materials can be offered upon your approval during qualification check.

    An agent from Union Jet will guide you step by step during your screening duration in China